Ferreomodelo Marklin

Ferreomodelo Marklin
maquete Marklin

sábado, 30 de janeiro de 2010

general - digital art and concept work-of-art

Coming back from England to Brasil Murat starts to view and deepen the experiments in Digital Art as the ideal of transgressing and transposing the fuzzy borders between art and science. His work now dives into various techniques, combining them without rules, developping pieces of painting that incorporate partly digital items, partly manual objects. The modernism, the lights and wide spaces  of Brasilia start mixing with the sensuous, sinuous, intellectual and beautiful atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro, and blend to inspire  new forms and new ideas mixing representational and non-representational forms with a set of selected colors that  translate his unique aesthetic proposition.


                              Flowers and Birds





Mira in Madrid  1992
#Watercolours #

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