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domingo, 29 de agosto de 2010

Art Business Model- Modelo de Negócio em Arte

BUY Your OWN Exclusive Work of Art 
on demand or in a joint creative design with Murat. 
By phone: 55 21 2274 8129
Or Email: hquintel@unisys.com.br


Murat’s Works of art can surely be the best option in finishing touch that your home, office public or recreational space needs to give it that final exquisite and posh look. Besides bringing the right mood or ambiance to a space, if chosen well, Murat’s Art Work can appreciate substantially and bring far more benefit to the owner than just the aesthetic appeal that it provides.

Many art lovers in the world have already stared at Murat’s painting in wonder. If you want to feel lost in the timeless joy and appreciation of an art work done by one of the masters and pioneers  of Multimedia and Digital Art or if you want to feel like  a manager of  prestigious art museums or a very rich collector  enjoying the privilege of decorating  your house, office, public or recreational space with real paintings from Murat at affordable prices then the Unsurpassed Quality of Murat’s Work is here for you. And even if there isn't room now for one of your Murat favourites in your home or office,  this would either make the perfect gift for the art lover you knowor otherwise you could also  enter one of the possible innovative purchase models such as Art Leasing, Art Rental, Advance Art Acquisiton, Swop Art Sale or Art Trunk Show and enjoy what is best in Multimedia and Digital Art by the highly prized and praised artist Heitor Luiz Murat.

Heitor Quintella Experience as Senior Science and Multimedia Art  Director and
PSAO Principal Science and Art Officer
Heitor Luiz Murat de Meirelles Quintella Digital and Multimedia Artist has also managed research projects at IBM, Various International Consulting Firms and Universities on Human and Technological Factors in Industrial Work and in Multimedia Art Applications. He has designed and conducted program evaluations and development of Journals for Universities and Industry Organizations and programs for external sponsors, and served as liaison for communication and public dissemination of Multimedia Art pieces, research results and data. Worked closely with Executives, Members of Parliament, Political Counsellors and senior staff to develop and manage higher education policy research initiatives, Exhibitions, Fairs, Congresses, events and write and edit policy-relevant briefing papers and research reports . He provided overall management of Projects FHTC and PIEU, including outreach and communication with international partner organizations, maintaining the project website, and planning annual data-sharing meetings. Carried out investigations and projects on consumer behaviour patterns, developing and introducing innovative methods and business models for multimedia art and industrial  products and services. Additional activities included: implementing occasional seminars, workshops and conference sessions to promote exhibits, activities, research and evaluation; identifying funding opportunities and assisting with business development; and managing timely and informative communication with key sponsors. As Principal Science and Art Officer _ PSAO_  also works closely with various Organizations Membership and Public Affairs staff, 

managing and supervising students projects, professional consulting in Multimedia Art and Science  and coordinating outreach activities with International Advisory Groups (IAG) located in 10 countries. Managed and supervised staff to monitor/update website, oversee communications with partners and assist with program-related logistics. Disseminated products, data and research through exhibitions, publications and conference presentations. Assisted various bodies with budget preparation, planning and reporting.

Managed and conducted evaluations of national and international scholarship, training and partnership programs. Served as primary liaison between Project and sponsors. Ensured project setup, data collection, follow-through, communication, and budget adherence. Helped strengthen Nation-wide research and evaluation capacity, and serves as key evaluation contact to other Insitutuions staff.

Developed new business opportunities for Multimedia art, research projects and program evaluations; drafted proposals and coordinated new funding opportunities. Assisted in developing timelines, project components and goals for new Multimedia Art and Industrial Research initiatives.

Managed new and ongoing Multimedia Art Development  and Industrial research projects, in  design  projects, and overseeing consultant activities and contractual obligations. Managed feasibility study analysis to assess training needs and demands of products , consulting, research at domestic and overseas conferences, workshops and meetings. Planned and implemented, Tech Tours, Exhibitions, workshops and conference sessions involving potential partners and collaborators.

Promoted and ensured accuracy and timeliness of material, news briefs and communications for public dissemination in the media.

Maintained  extensive  contact with Clients and sponsors staff up to the officer level at headquarters, regional, and overseas offices. Maintained External contacts including international and domestic contacts, with program sponsors, senior higher education administrators, academic researchers, press, policymakers and government officials.

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